Our Colors theme is a very intuitive theme to use, and it also follows all Shopify theme's standards. Still, there are some common questions from our customers that we are happy to answer through this documentation page.

General topics:

Colors Theme Releases

Getting started with Online Store 2.0

How do I remove "Powered by Shopify" from the footer?

What are the theme's image size recommendations?

How do I update my theme?

How do I set up the "About us" page?

How do I add a FAQ page?

How can I have different page or product page designs?

How do I add product videos and 3D models?

Advanced topics:

How do I have different product information in the "Collapsible tab" block?

How do I set up to sell in multiple currencies?

How do I set up to sell in multiple languages?

How do I create a mega-menu?

How can I enable product filtering?

How can I enable the products sizing guide?